How to add and edit text overlays on your video

With Typito, you can get creative with the way you add text to your video as text title, lower-third text, subtitles, and animated text overlays.

In this article, we’ll show how to add text overlays and how to play around customizations to edit text on your video.

First, let’s walk you through how to add text to a video:

Step 1: Once you’ve uploaded your clips to the timeline, click on Text Effects from the left panel. You can browse through the collection and hover a text effect for a preview.

Step 2: Click on a text effect you’d like to add to your video.

Note: You can also search for text effects from the search bar displayed at the top. 

Once you’ve added a text effect to your video, it’s time to edit this text overlays on your video.

Step 3: Click on the text effect you’ve added to edit it. You can click and drag to reposition the text on your video. Click and drag the handles to adjust the size of the text.

You can also adjust the color, font, and style of your text.

For more edit and style changes, click the Text Overlay options (highlighted icon in the image below) from the action bar.

You now make more style changes from the properties panel on the left.


Q) How to increase the font size?

A. We currently don't have the option to adjust the font size of a text. However, you can resize your text by first selecting it and clicking on the bottom-right handle of the text area.

Q) In which languages can I add text?

A. The Custom Font feature in Typito lets you add text in any language you want. While you can edit videos with Custom Fonts for free, you will need to subscribe to a premium plan to export and download your video.

You can learn more about adding Custom Font (in any language) here.

Q) How to adjust the text spacing?

A. To learn about adjusting text and line spacing click here.

Q) How can I reuse the same text animation in different sections of my video?

A. With Typito you can save text templates and use them for different projects.

Click the text overlay on the video and then click on the ‘copy’ icon on the action bar to automatically copy the template. You can then either save it to your Clipboard for different projects or Paste it (using the shortcut keys cmd +v / ctrl + v on your keyboard) anywhere on your timeline.

If you’ve saved the text template to your clipboard, you can access your Clipboard by clicking My Uploads from the left navigation and scrolling down to the Clipboard section.