Educating your audience about the number of calories they are potentially burning is super helpful for the viewer. It not only helps them with their overall awareness but also keeps them motivated. With Typito’s calorie meter, you can now easily indicate the approximate count of calories burned during an exercise set to your viewers.

Here’s how you how to add a calorie meter to your video with Typito’s Fitness Video Editor. 

Step 1: Click Upload and select the file you want to use. 

Step 2: Add all the design elements to your fitness video. After you have chosen the style for your text, timers & social media badges - you can move on and choose your calorie meter.


Step 3: Adding a calorie meter. Click the ‘More’ tab and choose the calorie meter you want to add to your video. There are two styles of calorie meters. After you’ve selected the one you like, click Save in the top right corner. 

Now, let’s put together your video.

Step 4: Creating step sequences
Video Sequences mark different parts of your fitness routine video like the intro, the exercise routines, rest periods, the ending or outro, and any additional parts you might want to include in your video. Calorie meters are only 
a part of the step sequence. 

  • Let’s create the step sequence for your fitness routine

  • Click Add Sequence and select Step 

  • Using the handles, select the duration of the clip you want to save as your Step

  • Use the slider to zoom into your clip so you for accuracy. You can also play your clip and enter the selected sequence's exact start and end duration. 

  • Click Add to project


Once the sequence is added to the timeline, you can now customize the calorie meter to fit you and your brand.

  • Indicate 2 values - the lowest estimated calories burned and the highest estimated calories burned. You can input this value on the left panel. Ensure that you add the estimated calorie burn for each exercise set shown in the video.

  • You can also change the text, color, opacity, and position of your calorie meter.

Calorie meter is a global element, and any edits made will reflect in all similar Sequences.


Step 5: Preview your video to make sure it looks perfect. Once you’re all set, click the export button, and your video is ready to share!


Here are some resources to help you with your video creation: