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There are 2 ways to create your video: 

a. Start with a recorded fitness video: Upload your video recording and we’ll help you create your entire fitness routine in 4 easy steps.

b.  Start with a video template: Choose from our collection of templates, and replace media and text to create your personalized video. Learn more about using Typito Video Templates. 

Use the Guide on the left menu to help you through the essential steps to make your perfect fitness video.

Step 1: Upload your video

Click Upload and select the file you want to use. 

Note: You can upload large files directly from Google Drive.  Learn about connecting your Google account and how you can port videos from GDrive here. 

Step 2: Adding design elements to your fitness video 

There are 4 key elements you can add to enhance your fitness video: 

  1. Text

  2. Timers

  3. Social media badges

  4. Progress bars

Let’s show you how to add these to your video. 

  1. Choose the text styles for your video

- First, choose a style for your Title text. This style will also appear in the intro or end screen of your video.

- Next, choose a style to display Steps and Descriptions for each exercise in your video. 

- Now choose a style for adding Paragraphs to add any extra details about your video.

  1. Choose timer templates 

Click the next tab to choose a timer for your video. You can choose 2 templates:

  1. Step timer - To indicate exercise reps 

  2. Rest timer -  To time rest sequences 

  1. Choose Social Media templates

Next, choose styles to display your Social Media handles for different social platforms.

  1. Add a Progress bar to your video
    You can add a progress bar to indicate the duration of your video.

Note: If you don’t want to add a progress bar on your video, click None. 

After you’ve selected the templates for each of the categories, click Save in the top right corner. 

Now let’s put together your video.

Step 3: Create video sequences 

Video Sequences mark different parts of your fitness routine video like the intro, the exercise routines, rest periods, the ending or outro, and any additional parts you might want to include in your video.

  • First, let’s create the intro to your fitness routine

    • Click Add Sequence and click Intro

    • Choose clip from the dropdown 

    • Select the portion of your video where you introduce your fitness routine. 

    • Click Add to project.

Click play preview your intro. You’ll see the text effects you’ve chosen in the previous step.

To edit the text, click on the text effect and type in your title. You can also change the color and style to match your branding. To change the position of the title simply click and drag to place it where you’d like. 

  • Add exercise Steps 

You can add a Step Sequence for each of your exercises in the video. To mark a specific step from your routine: 

  • Click Add Sequence and select Step 

  • Using the handles select the duration of the clip you want to save as your Step

  • Click Add to project

To edit the text, click on the text effect and type in your exercise name and other information you’d like to include.

Note: You can add multiple steps to your video in the same way as mentioned above.

  • Add a Rest Sequence to mark a break between exercises. 

You can choose what you’d like to display for the rest Sequence: 

  1. Your Source or your own videos 

  2. Stock Media from our collection of stock photos and videos 

  3. Card as a rest sequence with a solid colored background 

To edit the text in this Sequence, click on the text effect and type in the information you’d like to include. 

  • Add a Wrap-up Sequence to conclude your video

You can add a Wrap-up Sequence to mark the end of your video: 

  • Click Add Sequence and select Wrap up 

  • Using the handles select the duration of the clip you want to save as the ending of your video

  • Click Add to project

To edit the text in this Sequence, click on the text effect and type in the information you’d like to include.

Step 4: Adding music to your fitness video 

  • Add a background music 

    • Click on Browse Tracks

    • Select the audio that you want to add 

    • Click on Add to project

Note: You can also upload your own music track. Learn more about uploading your own music track here.

Preview your video to make sure it looks perfect. Once you’re all set, click the export button and your video is ready to share!

You can download your video or share it directly to Facebook and YouTube from Typito.

Great! You’ve just created your first fitness video. Here are some resources to help you with your video creation: