This master article explains our pricing in detail


 Each plan in Typito focuses on 3 aspects that make them different from one another 


  1. Duration/project - The maximum duration that we allow users to export a project. If exceeded, you will need to upgrade your plan to export the video. 


    For eg - If the project duration limit for the plan you’ve subscribed to is 5 min, you can only export a video if the total duration of that project is under 5 mins.


  2. Total Export duration - The total export duration that is allowed in your workspace. A project can be exported multiple times until it reaches the maximum duration. 


    For eg - If the total export duration is 180 min, you can export multiple projects, or the same project until it hits the 180 min limitation. 


  3. Storage - The total storage that is limited to your workspace. All images and video clips you upload to your workspace will be saved to your storage. Your storage does not include the stock media available in our Stock Media Library or the music.


    For Eg - If the storage for your workspace is 5 GB, and you've uploaded files that have reached the limit of 5GB, you will not be able to upload any new media. You can always choose to upgrade your plan to continue creating more projects.

Note - You can always choose to delete your media files to clear your storage.



Here are the plans that we offer  


Free plan

  • Duration/project - 5 mins/projects

  • Total Export duration - 30 mins

  • Storage - 250 MB

  • Team Member - Cannot add a team member

  • Will have a watermark 


Note: All projects created on a free plan will have a Typito Watermark. You can upgrade your plan to create watermark-free videos and explore more advanced video editing. 


Solo plan 

  • Duration/project - 60 mins/project

  • Total Export duration - 180 mins every month 

  • Storage - 5 GB

  • Team Member - Cannot add a team member

  • Rollover - Unused export duration will get added to next month 

  • Premium features - Custom font, Custom formats

  • No Typito Watermark


Pro plan 

  • Duration/project - 120 mins/project

  • Total Export duration - 600 mins every month 

  • Storage - 50 GB

  • Team Member - Can add up to 10 team members

  • Rollover - Unused export duration will get added to next month 

  • Premium features - Voice to text caption, Multilingual support, Custom font/colors

  • No Typito Watermark


What is a rollover? 

The Solo and Pro plan on Typito currently has a  100% roll-over limit. This means that all unused export duration will carry over to the next month. 


For eg - If your total export limit is 180 min/month, and you’ve used 150 min for one month, then the unused 30 min will get carried over to the next month. This means next month your export duration will include 180min (a monthly limit) + 30 min (rolled over from the previous month) = 210 min.


This gives businesses the flexibility to plan their video campaigns across months. 


Please note that rollover videos go void when a subscription is canceled.


Monthly and Annual plans 

Typito offers two ways to pay your subscription:


1. Monthly (billed each month) 


On a monthly plan, you have the flexibility to cancel your subscription any month before the mentioned renewal date.


2. Annual (billed once per one year) 


Annual Plans are renewed yearly. You can get great savings if you pick the annual plan option, especially if you're looking to create videos at scale. You can save up to 2 months off with an annual plan.