How to permanently delete your Typito account and data?

Note: This will delete your account, all of your existing videos and media permanently. This action cannot be undone. 

You can delete your Typito account by heading to the Account Settings page. 


Step 1: On your dashboard/homepage, navigate to "Settings" from the top left corner of your dashboard. 


Step 2: Next, click ‘Profile’ listed under “Your Accoun


Step 3: Click the dropdown tab ‘Active’, and choose ‘Delete’ Account


Step 4:  Once selected, you’ll be asked to type your password for a confirmation to delete your account.



Note: For users who signed up via Google/Facebook, they will be asked to log in again to confirm account deletion. 


Step 5 - Once you enter your password/login again, click on ‘Delete Account’.


Note: Your account will be deleted after 5 days.




1. After I delete my account, what happens to my data? 

Deleting your account will remove your account information, including billing details, and delete all your existing videos. This cannot be undone.


2. I changed my mind, can I cancel my delete request? 

After selecting the option to delete your account, it usually takes about 5 days to permanently delete it. If you would like to go back to that decision, you can cancel your request from the Account Settings page.


To cancel your delete request, click on ‘Cancel Request’ on your Setting page -