How to publish videos for your brand fast and easy

Brand Kit is a premium feature on Typito that enables the team to save the frequently used fonts and colors to be part of the font collection and color palette in the editing experience on Typito. 

This makes it very easy for the team to ensure that the videos that are published are brand-compliant. As mentioned above, Brand Kit is a feature exclusively available to customers who have a paid plan on Typito - 

Here are the 3 features that are part of the Brand Kit: 

1. Custom Fonts - You can upload up to 5 brand fonts to your collection. Custom fonts support all types of scripts - right to left (RTL) and left to right (LTR) and languages. 

2. Brand Colors - You can select 10 colors that make your brand's color palette. You can save it so that it's easily accessible when you have to choose a color for your text or icons on the video.

3. Custom Format - You can easily create engaging videos with Custom Formats in Typito. Be it for a billboard video advertisement or a vertical banner ad for the Google Ad network.