How to remove Typito logo watermark

Once you've exported your video, it would show up on the video preview page with Typito branding on the top left:

You can remove the Typito logo branding by clicking on the 'Replace' button on the bottom left of your screen. It would open up a popup flow that would ask you how to remove branding - by paying $15 for the particular project or by buying one of the subscriptions on Typito:

Once the logo is removed, the video will show without the Typito logo in it. You can also replace the Typito Branding watermarks with your own logo once you've upgraded your plan. 

Here's how to replace the Typito Branding

Step 1: Click the Typito Branding Watermark 

Step 2: Click Replace and upload the image you want to use. 

Step 3: Once uploaded, choose the image. You can now drag it to position it where you want on your video and adjust the side.