How to create Custom Formats (with custom video specifications) on Typito

Note: Custom Formats is only available on paid plans. You will be able to create and edit videos with a custom format for free, however you will need to subscribe to one of the plans to export and download your video.

When distributing your videos on different marketing channels, it is essential to tailor your video according to the recommended specification(s) of the respective channel for better engagement.

Sometimes the video dimensions for certain marketing channels can be different from the standard video sizes for example - a billboard video ad or a vertical banner ad for your Google Ad network.


With Typito, you can easily create engaging videos with custom formats dimensions and save it for future projects. 


Here’s how to create custom formats: 


Step 1: Create a new project and When creating a project, you need to click on the option  + Custom format


Step 2:  Create a custom format by choosing the width and height. 



Here are the details you need to enter to create a Custom format:


  • Format name: This is a name for your reference. This will show up as an option in the format menu when creating a new project.


  • Width: The width of the video in pixels (px)

  • Height: The height of the video in pixels (px) (Note: Height and width can be anywhere between 300 to 1920 px)


  • Description: Add a description for reference.


  • Padding (optional): You can add padding (a border to the top and bottom of your video) optionally. To add padding, specify the border's thickness (in %). 



Step 3: Once you have defined the specifications of your Custom Format, click ‘Create Project’ to save the format. You can start a new project with the Custom format you just created.



You will also find the new format you create (and any other custom formats) in the Resize menu on the editor.