What are Typito Credits, and how can I access and use these credits? 

You can think of Typito Credits as a way to earn points and redeem them to upgrade plans or export free videos without a Typito Watermark. 

Each Typito credit is equivalent to a Dollar (USD). 

You can collect Typito credits by doing certain actions. For example, inviting your friends to use Typito to make videos.

You can use Typito credits to:

  • Download a video (without a watermark) for free. 

  • Upgrade to a higher plan or renew your existing plan.


  1. Where can I access my credits? 

You can access your credits from your Account Settings. 

Step 1: Log in to your account and click ‘Settings’ 

Step 2: Click ‘Credits’ - if you have any existing credits in your account, these will show up here.

  1. Can I earn Credits?

Yes, you can earn credits by inviting your friends to Typito. 

To invite friends, click on ‘Earn up to $10 Credits’ from your account drop-down tab on the dashboard, and invite up to 5 friends to try out Typito. 

Once 5 of your invited friends sign-up, create and download a video, you get $10 Typito credits. Your friends get $5 Typito credits when they sign up using your invitation.