Here's how you can invite your friends to Typito and get rewarded

Earning rewards on Typito is as easy as sending an email to your friends. That's right! We are introducing a new way to share love where you can invite your friends to try out Typito and earn some Typito Credits in return.

What are Typito Credits?

Typito Credits is a small kitty of dollar (USD) equivalent you have in your Typito account. You can collect these credits by doing certain actions. For example, inviting your friends to use Typito to make videos.

Once you receive the credits in your Typito account, you can use them to download a video (with no watermark) for free. Or, you can use these credits to upgrade/renew your plan.

It's like a currency, just for transactions on Typito.

How to earn Credits through Friends?

First, click on the user icon on the top right and click on the “Earn up to $10 credits' ' option and you’ll be redirected to the page where you can invite friends. You can add the email IDs of your friends whom you want to invite to Typito. Once 5 of your invited friends sign-up, create and download a video, you get $10 credits. Your friends get $5 credits when they sign up using your invitation

You can use these credits to make a free video with no watermark or upgrade/renew your subscription plan.

How do I track my Typito Credits?

You can keep a track of your Typito Credits by going to the Your credits section on your Settings page.