Constraints and limitations when you upload media on a project timeline

We currently support the following formats of media to be uploaded on the timeline:
Images (JPEG, PNG) and Videos (MOV, MP4). While we also support a few other Image / Video formats during upload, we are certain that the above formats should work 100%.

Size limit of a given Media file to be uploaded: 1GB
Duration limit for a given Media (video) file to be uploaded: 60 mins

FAQ - 

Q) Can I upload Stock images/videos? Are they free to use?

A. Yes, you can upload stock images/videos on Typito. Since all our stock videos/images are sourced from Unsplash and Pixabay, these are both copyright-free and free to use.

Q) Is there any other way to upload a file that is more than 1GB?

A. You can upload a file that exceeds 1GB by compressing it. Compressing a file will reduce the original size of the video without losing its video quality.

We’ve created a tutorial video on how you can compress any large files on Youtube. Here’s the link to the video.

Q) My file is an MP4 and is less than 1 GB, I am not able to upload. Why is it so?

A. If your video meets our file size criteria, you should be able to upload it successfully. If you still have persistent issues with uploading your file, do reach out to us on Live Chat, and we’ll try to resolve any technical issues hindering your upload at the earliest.