Create beautiful captions automatically within minutes

Note: Auto-captions is only available on our Pro Plan. If you are on a free or solo plan, you will still be able to try out the Captions feature to see how it works. However, you will need to upgrade to a Pro Plan to export and download your videos. 

We understand that transcribing video to text manually can be time-consuming. Not anymore. Typito lets you create captions automatically for your videos on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. It's super easy, automatic, and fast. 

So let's learn to add captions to your video.

Step 1: Click 'Captions' in the left panel. And click “Add Captions.”

If this is your first time using the Captions tool on Typito, there’s a quick video tutorial to help you out.

Step 2: Choose Auto-Generate to automatically generate subtitles from the voice-over of your video. 

Step 3: Choose the language you want to generate the subtitles in. 

If you’re only looking to add subtitles, then keep the original language and the caption language the same. 

Note: You can also add subtitles in another language. If you’re looking to add translated subtitles, choose the original language and then choose the language you want to add subtitles in.

Step 4. Choose a theme for your captions. 

Don’t worry about the font or colors, you can always change these in the next steps. Use the preview to ensure that the theme you select doesn't distract from the viewing experience.

Step 5: Click Auto Generate. 

This should take a few minutes, depending on the length of your video. 

Step 6: Click the “Style” tab to style your captions. 

From here, you can change the color, font, position opacity, and more of your caption to change how it appears on your video.

Typito’s auto-caption works to generate captions with almost  90% accuracy. But there might be a few inaccuracies that you might want to fix. You can do that from the left panel.

Click any caption box you want to edit and make the changes you want. You can also delete any caption boxes by clicking on the 'bin' icon beside every box.

Note: You can always change the style or even reset your captions by clicking the ‘More Options” Icon in the left panel.

That's it; you are all set. I hope this helps. Have fun captioning with Typito!