How to choose a theme for your captions and customize the animation

Please Note: This feature is available to you when you subscribe to any of the paid plans here.

Typito lets you choose a theme for creating captions that suits your taste and requirement for your video or brand. With these caption themes, you can now design captivating videos with captions like the top brands like CNN, BBC, Now This, etc. for social media.

To choose a theme for your caption, click on the ‘Captions’ tab and then select a theme from the 5 options that Typito offers. Let me take you through them.

1) Good Ol’ Block Style - This theme is a simple caption theme, with no highlight or background or preset animation. For this theme, you can choose from a range of in/out animations that help you create a unique style for your captions.

2) Caption with a background Style - This theme draws your attention towards highlighted words. It has two colors and white background. You can freely change the color of the text or the highlight.

3) CNN News Style - It's a CNN-inspired theme for you to create compelling news videos. It has its own style of animation and often used when certain facts or headlines are to be shown.

4) Ardent Highlight Caption - As the title suggests it highlights the captions on a video and is the most common style that is in use nowadays. This theme can be used to associate your brand color with the captions used. The caption animates in from the bottom and animates out towards the top.

5) BBC Social Captions - A theme inspired by BBC that helps you create captivating videos for social media. The caption is placed between two bars with bottom to top animation which draws the attention of the viewer.