Where and how to position your caption on the screen

Please Note: This feature is available to you when you subscribe to any of the paid plans here.

When placing your caption you’ll want to think about not only the content and styling of your caption but also where the captions show up on the screen so that the captions can have the maximum visual impact.

After choosing a caption theme in the caption tab, Typito offers 3 different ways of positioning your caption on a video

1) Bottom positioning - This places the captions at the bottom of the video frame. You must have noticed how most social media videos have captions near the bottom of the screen

2) Top positioning - If you have color padding on the top of the video, you can use that space to show your captions while the rest of the screen can be used by the video

3) Middle positioningCaptions in the middle would draw the most attention. If you have a big bold statement to make, or if there is no subject on the frame this placement might be something to go for.