How to customize fonts and style of your captions

You would want to keep your brand in mind when designing the captions for your video. Typito offers ways to customize the font styling, size, coloring, and highlighting to help you be brand compliant. Let's find out on how:

Step 1: Click on 'Captions' and choose a subtitle theme - Choose a theme that fits your use case. We love the one with the highlight.

Step 2: Customize fonts & more

  1. Color - You can change the font and even the background/highlight color of the caption. To set a color choice, you can use the hex code or choose a color from the color wheel.

  2. Font - Typito offers you a collection of 35+ beautiful fonts to pick from. You can upload your own font as well. Learn more about it here (link to custom fonts).

You will get the other options to style your captions by clicking the three dots.

1. Font Size - You can choose a size in the range of 6 to 80 that fits right into your video. You can scroll through the range like shown below

2. Line Spacing - Increase or decrease the line spacing of your text with the slider's help.

3. Letter Spacing - You can also increase or decrease the space between characters in a text with the slider.

4. Opacity - You can decrease the opacity of any caption. To do that, move the opacity slider to achieve the desired effect. Opacity can range anywhere from 0 - 100.

5. Alignment and shadow - To align your caption, it is important that it fits well in the video and doesn't look misplaced. You can choose to align the captions to the left, center, or right of the screen. You can choose to have a Shadow if you want to add a slightly bolder look or add some weight to your caption.

We hope you have fun captioning with Typito.