How to rotate your text overlays or image, shapes, and icon overlays on your video

You can directly rotate any text, image, shape, or icons that you add as overlays to your video.

Here’s how you can rotate your text overlays on your video:

Step 1: Select the text overlay on your clip on the canvas.

Step 2: Once the clip is highlighted, Hover over the rotate icon at the bottom of the text overlay and click and drag to the left or right to rotate.

Step 3: You can also adjust your overlays' rotation from the Properties panel on the left. Click on the ‘rotate’ tab and rotate your clips

Note - The property panel gives you the ability to change the properties of anything you can select from your project's canvas and timeline.

Click on the ‘rotate icons’ from the properties panel to rotate your clip.

You can also adjust the rotation to a specific angle.

You can also rotate image overlays or shape and icon overlays in the same way! Here’s what rotating an image overlay looks like: