We’ve introduced Sequences to enhance your video designing experience. Let’s help you understand what Sequences are and how to use them.

Let's say you’re designing a video and adding multiple overlays (a combination of text, image overlays, shapes, or icons) to your clip.

You or your team want to use this same clip precisely as you’ve designed on different video projects. We understand that re-creating this manually every single time for every project can be time-consuming and a pretty tedious task.

But not anymore. We’ve introduced Sequences to make this easy.

What is a Sequence?

Simply put, Sequences are a combination of clips and overlays that can be saved and repurposed across your video projects or in multiple places on your timeline.

You can create a sequence by combining a single clip and overlays placed on the clip or combining multiple clips and overlays. Note that a single Sequence can range from 4s minimum to 60s maximum. 

How can Sequences enhance your video design experience

  • Save time and effort
    It saves a lot of time and effort to recreate intros, outros, or specific styles that you would repeat across other videos. You can save clips with required overlays for later use.

  • Accessible across projects and your team

    You can save Sequences to ‘My Media,’ making it accessible to everyone in your team to use across multiple projects.

  • Standardize video design style and branding
    Ensuring consistent video design style across the 100s of videos you create can be challenging, especially if you have a team working on multiple videos. You can now create and save Sequences necessary parts of your video like an intro or an outro to remain consistent across all your videos.

  • Easy Editing
    You can quickly move combinations of clips and overlays across your timeline without disrupting other clips.

Instances that you could create Sequences for:

Video Templates and Sequences

We’ve introduced Video Templates to help you create quality videos faster. If you haven’t already checked out our collection, click here to explore our Video Template Library.

When using any of our video templates, you’ll notice that each template comprises Sequences. In many ways, this allows you to use ready-made video templates while also giving you the freedom to make creative choices.

Since all of our video templates are created using Sequences, you can choose to add your favorite parts of a video template (as a Sequence) to your video project. You could also combine Sequences from multiple video templates as Sequences to create your own video.

You can learn more about how to create, save, edit, and use Sequences for your video projects: