Here is an easy way to create and save an intro using Sequences so you can access it across projects.

Note: If you’re new to Sequences and want to expand your creativity for your upcoming video projects, we suggest reading our article on Sequences first. 

This article will take you through how you can create and save an outro for your projects.

Step 1: Create a new project and design your outro.

Here are some basic elements you might want to consider adding to your outro.

Text - Click the Text Effects shelf to browse through cool title text templates that you could use for your outro.

Logo - You can also add a logo to your outro. Click the My Uploads shelf and upload your logo. Once uploaded, hover over the thumbnail and click the add dropdown, next select 'Add as an overlay.'

Give your clip a quick preview to make sure you’re all set.

Please note: Sequences can range from 4s minimum to 60s maximum so ensure that your outro is designed within the specified range. 

Step 2: Click on the My Media tab from the left panel. Next, click on ‘Create new’ under Sequences.

You can also click on the play button to preview your Sequence.

Step 3: Next, click on Save.

Here you’ll notice two options: You can either: 

  • Save to My Media - This will save your sequence to the My Media tab (Under Sequences). You and your team members will be able to access this sequence and use it across your team’s project.

  • Save and apply to timeline - This will save your sequence to this project and add it to the timeline of the project you’re currently working on.

Since you’ll want to use this across projects you create in the future, select the option Save to My Media and click ‘Create Sequence.’

To view your newly created sequence, click ‘My Media’ from the left panel, and you’ll be able to view your newly created sequence under ‘Sequence.’

Note: Scroll to the left to view all the Sequences you’ve created and saved.

There’s a lot of other interesting ways to use Sequences in your video projects. Here are a few ideas that you might find helpful: 

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