Updates to Typito's Media Upload and Addition

We’ve made a few changes to help you create videos faster than before. We understand that uploading your media files can be quite the wait so we’ve introduced “Instant Media Addition” to speed things up for you.

With this update, you no longer have to wait for your media files to upload to start creating a video. Just drag & drop or choose the files you want to use, and head over to the editor to get started.

While you snip, trim, and edit your masterpiece, we’ll work on uploading your media files so that once you’re done creating your video, you’re ready to export.

You can add Media and Stock Media to your project in three ways:

  1. Add Media when creating a new project

    • Drag & Drop Files

    • Upload from your computer

    • Add Stock Photos or Videos

    • Add a Placeholder

  2. Add media directly from your timeline ( “+” )

  3. Upload Media from the Left Panel