If you don’t end up using your video quota for a given month, the excess videos will roll over to the next month upto a limit specified per plan. Every plan on Typito listed in the pricing section would also provide details about the roll over limit that comes with the plan.

For example - If a plan provides 20 videos per month and has a video rollover limit of 60 videos. This means even if you don't use any videos for the first 2 months, they would roll over so that the user gets 60 videos in the 3rd month (20 from the 3rd month and 40 from previous 2 months' rollover). However on not consuming videos in the 3rd month, the total videos don't become 80 for the 4th month since the rollover limit is 60 videos.

All pricing plans on Typito currently comes up with 100% roll over limit, that is all unused videos will carry over to the next month. This gives businesses flexibility to plan their video campaigns across months. Please note that rollover videos go void when a subscription is cancelled.

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