Please Note: Automatic Captions are available to you when you subscribe to any of the paid plans here.

We understand that transcribing video to text manually can be time consuming and painful. Not anymore. Using Voice to Text feature, Typito lets you create captions automatically for your videos for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms. It's super fast and fairly accurate!

So let's learn how to use this feature step by stepĀ 

Step 1: Click on 'Captions' tab and choose a template: Choose a template that fits your use case. We love the one with the highlight.

Step 2: Click on 'Customize fonts & more' - Here, you can make your captions brand compliant by choosing your own brand font and color. Style the captions by changing the size and alignment.

Step 3: Click on 'Next add content'

Now, you can add captions using 3 ways with Typito. To create captions automatically, choose the second option.

Step 4: Select 'Voice to text' optionĀ 

Step 5: Click on Auto-Generate - The final step of the process. Click on auto generate and Typito will transcribe the voice or speech in your video into captions within a few minutes. Just like magic!

We have seen upwards of 90% accuracy in automatic captions. But there might be few inaccuracies that you might want to fix. You can do that by moving to the point in the video where you want to make the fix. Now you can choose the caption to edit, by either clicking the caption box on the left hand side panel or the one that you see on the frame in the edit area. You can also delete any caption boxes by clicking on the 'bin' icon beside every box.

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