We all know how changing frames to Square or Widescreen versions could cut out some important parts of the video and just focuses on the mid part of the video clip. Like shown in the image below: 

Not cool right? Let's learn how to crop or reposition your video clip or the image on the timeline so that it shows the way you want with the frame chosen.

Step 1: Select the media on the timeline
You can select the media on the timeline by clicking on the media clip and clicking on the SEELCT button.

Step 2: Click on frame button
On clicking on the SELECT button, you will find a few options showing up for you to edit your media. 

Among the options, click on the square frame icon (first from the left in the above screenshot). On clicking you will find the media preview extending with a few controls and the whole video / image area:

Step 3: Adjust your frame
You can now adjust your frame by using the zoom in / zoom out buttons. If you want to reposition the frame you can click on the active area that is selected right now and move it around - you will notice that the image / video that you see in the selected area would change. In this example, I've made the changes I want to focus better on the subject on the video and it looks like this:

Step 4: Save your frame
After you got your changes done, you can save the frame configuration by clicking on the tick icon. And your new frame configuration is ready!

We have created a tutorial video below -

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