Once you select the footage, you can remove it from the timeline by clicking on the bin button.


Q) Can I restore the clips that I deleted by mistake from my timeline?

A. We currently do not have an option to restore clips deleted from your timeline. However, if you want to restore a clip instantly after you’ve deleted, you can undo the delete action with the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • For Mac users - Command + z
  • For Windows users - Ctrl + z

Q) How do I replace a clip on the timeline?

A. To replace a clip, delete the clip from the timeline, and then replace it with a new clip. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Select the clip on the timeline that you want to replace
  • Click on the ‘bin’ icon to delete the clip
  • Select the new clip in the MEDIA tab
  • Select and drag that clip across the timeline to your existing clip’s position

Q) How can I delete clips from the Media tab?

A. Here’s how you can delete a clip from the MEDIA tab -

  • Hover over the clip you want to delete
  • Click on the ‘X’ icon displayed in the top right corner of the clip
  • Select “Yes” to delete the clip

NOTE - A clip cannot be deleted from the MEDIA tab if it is added to the timeline. First, delete it from the timeline and then from the MEDIA tab.

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