Having a volume control toggle option is really helpful when editing your video clips. Whether you’re looking to keep the volume of your entire video project at a certain level or you’re looking to decrease/increase the volume for certain parts of the video clip.

For example - If you are editing an interview video that has light background music playing, you may want to reduce the volume only in certain sections of the clip where you have a person speaking so that the voice-over is more audible. In such cases being able to adjust the volume in such cases is really helpful.

There’s two ways you can edit the volume of your video on Typito:

  1. Changing the volume for the entire video project

  2. Changing the volume for each clips

1. Change volume for entire project

This allows you to control the volume levels of the video clips (noted as background) and music at a project level. Throughout the project, the same volume levels would continue to take effect.

Note - The 'Background’ slider is adjusted when you want to change the volume level of the audio that is part of the raw video you uploaded initially. The ‘Music’ slider is adjusted when you want to change the volume level of the audio that you’ve uploaded manually to the project in Typito

2. Change volume for each clip

This allows you to change the two-volume channels separately for each clip. To do that, you can enable toggle to the 'Change volume for each clip' option.

Once this option is chosen, you can see that the master volume levels 'Background' and 'Music' are disabled.

You can now go and change the volume levels of each clip by doing the following:

Step 1: Select the clip

Step 2: Change volume for the selected clip

Remember that you can always toggle between 'Volume for the project' and 'Volume for each clip' based on the requirement in your project.

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